Feel the Love

When I came to Purdue, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life (does anyone, really). Being introduced to Liberal Arts, though, I realized that it’s less about a title and more about finding what you love.

I “decided” on General Communications as a major, but I have three minors and many interests even beyond those. I love the opportunity this major has given me to explore other interests and the wide array of career paths it has made available.

In light of Valentine’s day and all the other LA students with similar experiences as mine, Purdue is encouraging students to show their love for the college of Liberal Arts this week during Love Liberal Arts. All this week the college has been putting on events like handing out free hot chocolate, t-shirts (pictured below) and buttons (like the one pictured above).

If you haven’t been able to attend any/all of the events for this week (no worries, I’m guilty too), there’s still time to join in the fun. There’s an Alumni Advice Panel tonight and a chance tomorrow to meet and speak with Kristen Dawes, a Liberal Arts alumna who currently works for Tiffany & Co. The instructors for GS 300 are putting on the latter event, and I would highly suggest either attending or registering for this class next semester. The course is titled Liberal Arts Influentials, and it’s a great way to interact and network with LA alumni. I took this class last year and I found it very helpful in finding out ways to connect with companies and begin networking with professionals.

If you want to show you’re love in a different way, say, with social media, Liberal Arts at Purdue also has a Twitter account (@PurdueLibArts) and an Instagram (@purdueliberalarts – click to follow them above).

Tell your story and/or take an awesome picture using #loveliberalarts and help Purdue LA feel the love!


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