Written on the Walls

Inspiration is written on the walls.

Well, at least it can be. Especially in the case of unurth. Street art from around the world is compiled by two bloggers on this site with the help, of course, of those who send in pictures/information about street art in their area.

If you’re ever at a lull in your creative process, regardless of the medium or subject matter, I recommend visiting unurth’s site. There’s art from not only around the whole world, but in almost every imaginable media. This images, for example, sample the depth of the variety of art that unurth collects.

I learned about unurth.com in a high school art class, and I’ve intermittently visited it throughout the years, usually when I was looking for new and exciting art. This blog has helped inspire me when I’ve needed it and I hope that it can do the same for you!



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