5 Instagram Illustrators You Need to be Following

Not literally of course, that would just be creepy. Definitely click follow on their Instagram pages, though.

These five illustrators have unique and masterful artistic styles that are just begging to be noticed. From napkins to finches, they are famous for putting their own spin on the art scene.

  1. @napkinkilla puts everyday cocktail napkins to a new use. More than just doodles, these illustrative portraits are works of art.


2. Finches (as well as other subjects) come to life when @finchfight touches the pen to paper.

It's a cat. It's a bird. A Green Catbird!

A post shared by Abby Diamond (@finchfight) on

3. With a playful imagination, @2dcale’s illustrates things out of a dream.

4. We’ve been taught not to play with our food, but there just might be an exemption in @groehrs case.

5. @guymckinley has a very stylized approach with a pen, one of my favorite on the list.

The Penguin just dropped out of my parallel pen #sketches #guymckinley #thepenguin

A post shared by Guy Mckinley (@guymckinley) on






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