Classic Ink

Tattoos are forever.

Even with laser removal methods today, this is good advice to have in mind before committing to a tattoo. Tattoos have even been found on mummies, thousands of years after they got their ink.

Something that has changed along with those times has been the style of tattoos – understandingly so as the reasons and recipients have changed as well. Different cultures tattoo(ed) for religious or health reasons. Majority of people getting tattoos in the Western world, though, were sailors or those outside of mainstream society – hobos, etc.

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a tattoo but if you pick two (or even a few) from a crowd, it’s not likely their ink will be in the same style or subject matter.

The old-fashioned or classic tattoo style that was common among early Western tattoos, has taken a modern twist today with some artists. Bold, thick lines and bright colors characterize this style. Tattoo artists still replicate this style of art today, as this tumblr page shows.

Since I’ve been on Instagram more this pas week I’ve found some amazing artists’ accounts. The classic style of tattoo is far from old news I’ve learned recently, as many tattoo artists display this vintage ink.

Paul Dobleman is just one of many tattoo artists on Instagram that have continued a modern version of this classic style.

I hope this has enlightened you on a modern day piece of history and serves as inspiration for your creative endeavors.


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