Rockwell Exhibit and Reception

Rockwell Kent wasn’t just an illustrator or printmaker as most of the world knows him for; during his life he had worked as an architectural draftsman, painter, lobsterman, ship’s carpenter, dairy farmer and illustrator and printmaker.

Kent also participated significantly in the political arena, supporting radical causes, resulting in fluctuations of his popularity in the 1940’s and 50’s. Nevertheless, Kent has been influential in the art community with his symbolic and meaningful illustrations.

Purdue Galleries will be showing an exhibition based on this famous artists work “Generator of Jobs” (pictured below). The exhibit is titled “On or About: Rockwell Kent” and will be showing from March 8 through April 23rd.

“Generator of Jobs” by Rockwell Kent, 1946

Pieces in the exhibition will be by students from Purdue as well as the Dayton Art Institute and members of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. Each artist has taken inspiration from Kent’s piece and created something new based on their own contemporary perspective.

In addition to the exhibition (which is free to the public), there will also be a reception for the artists and anyone who would like to stop by (again, free to all). This event will be March 25th from 6-7pm at Fountain Art Gallery in downtown Lafayette.

I haven’t been to this art gallery (for directions check below), but this seems like a great opportunity to see some interesting perspectives and elaborations on Kent’s piece. Maybe you’ll see me there!

To better summarize the information for this exhibition and reception:


  • “On or About: Rockwell Kent” Art Exhibition
  • Reception for “On or About: Rockwell Kent”


  • Exhibit dates: March 8 – April 23
  • Reception: March 25


  • Gallery Hours: 12pm-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday
  • Reception: 6pm-7pm


  • Fountain Art Gallery, 330 Main St. West Lafayette, IN (Both events)




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