Celebrity Collections

“Nothing’s better than art.”

While this is a relatively controversial statement (depending on how deep you want to get in your argument), Sylvester Stallone showed his clear appreciation for art when he said this.

Many other celebrities appreciate art in a similar manner, not necessarily in so many words but in their collections.


Beyonce and Jay Z have an impressive collection of contemporary art with work by Andy Warhol, David Hammons and Picasso. Jay Z claims that his appreciation for some of Hammons’ work is powerful because it reminds him of his childhood.


Elton John collects modern and contemporary pieces of fine art. His collection is so expansive, part of it was even exhibited at the Tate Modern in London. The private collections of many prominent celebrities such as Elton John’s were featured in this exhibit, a true testament to his valuable collection.

It’s interesting that many of the celebrities with sizable art collections are also musical artists. I think it shows the connectivity of the arts and specifically musical and visual arts. Check out other famous people with incredible art collections and go on creating!


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