Short and Tweet

Twitter has around 320 Million active monthly users (as of 2015) and while this pales in comparison to the 1.3 Billion Facebook (the #1 social media site) has, it still contests to the large, growing audience Twitter is attracting.

In a short 140 character tweet, you can express anything from what you ate that day (not recommended) to your political and social views. Many prominent figures and organizations in society have taken to twitter to advertise their work, share opinions and gain followers.

Twitter offers artists a unique advantage over other social media. The ability to post pictures, videos, gifs and links, with a short description allows artists to display their work and ideas in a more attractive and user friendly way.

In my opinion, Twitter has a better balance of text and imagery than similar social media, like Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to read the description on Instagram posts unless the picture is really intriguing. From my experience on Twitter, though, the description on a tweet tends to attract my eye regardless of the media and while I might not read it very thoroughly, it definitely captures my attention quicker.

Some Twitter users, like @thefoxisblack, promote other artists (below) as well as their own work. The tweet below also has a link to the users Instagram, which allows for avid followers to check out the users other social media sites as well.

The short description allowed for tweets puts emphasis on the word choice and message that the artist wants to express. They’re almost like small advertisements for the actual content. Users have limited space to attract others’ attention and persuade them to retweet, like or follow a link and/or comment. The artist above uses humor (and emojis) to attract their followers’ attention.

How would you describe your art or creative process in 140 characters or less? Tell me here or tweet at me: @shenery14


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