Tattoo Mapping

Tattoos (like diamonds) are forever. But what if they weren’t?

Projection mapping artists Oskar and Gaspar collaborated with tattoo artists from Queen of Hearts Tattoos to make this a reality – at least for a night.

For the event, they projected the moving tattoo designs on human canvases, building on existing tattoos and creating new ones. The video below shows the tattoos in action, and no editing software was used after filming, so yes, it really looks that real. The process requires the subject to stand very still while the projected tattoo does its thing, but the quality and detail in the projections are incredible. The visuals projected on individuals remain true and aren’t distorted despite the curved surfaces of the human body.

While this experience doesn’t change things permanently, bloggers and techies are excited about what these developments have in store for future creative installations and designs. Below are some stills from the video, showcasing the projections at different parts of the mapping process.

Who knows, maybe you could be in the next collaboration with this new and advancing technology – keep creating!


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