Breaking Dali

You might think the only commonality between Salvador Dalí and the hit TV show Breaking Bad would be the use of drugs – I mean, how else did Dalí come up with those psychedelic, surrealist works, right?

According to Dalí’s statement, “I don’t use drugs, I am drugs,” he wasn’t taking any kind of hallucinogens during his creative processes. The similarity then actually lies in the shared interest in Werner Heisenberg.

The use of Heisenberg’s name in Breaking Bad begins Walter White’s transition into the infamous drug tycoon that he becomes throughout the series. White’s chemistry background brings about this connection and interestingly enough, it’s Dalí’s own enthusiasm for science that attracted him to the Nobel prize-winning Heisenberg.

“I, who previously only admired Dalí, will now start to admire that Heisenberg who resembles me (Dalí).” As seemingly narcissistic and fame-oriented Dalí seemed, he had a large interest in psychology and natural sciences. It’s these interests and the understanding of the connection between the mind and physics (among other aspects of science) that allowed him to visualize and create such stunning surrealist works throughout his lifetime.

Though the life of Dalí was one of eccentricity and mystery, he has left an immeasurable impact on the art community and continues to inspire today. The concept that visual arts and scholastic theories or pursuits can come together as one is the kind of creative influence that’s helped guide and develop generations of artists.



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