Needle in a Gallery

Most art works are easily identifiable and capture our attention almost immediately, be it with color, scale or content. Willard Wigan’s art, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye but has captured much attention, nonetheless.

Wigan creates micro-sculptures of popular figures, from Disney characters to real life athletes, like Shaquille O’Neal (below). How small is micro, you ask? His usual projects fit in the eye of a sewing needle and he’s even sculpted from facial hair he’s shaved off to challenge himself.

Wiggan works on the pieces in between heart beats in order to avoid any significant twitches or movements that could essentially destroy his work. The vibrations from passing traffic and other business can disrupt his work, so he often works into the night, when there’s less activity around him.

As you can see from the above pictures, Wiggan uses a microscope to see as he sculpts these tiny masterpieces. The detail he puts into each of his works is amazing and it hasn’t gone unrecognized. Even the Queen of England has remarked on his talent and even recruited him for special projects.

I’m not quite sure how he can have the patience to complete these microscopic pieces; I myself would rather be spreading paint in wide strokes on a canvas. The discipline and intensity that he applies to his work is inspiring and hopefully challenges you to discover what’s possible.